AA-Revised LowLuck
If you want to start playing as soon as possible, just read 4. and 5.

1. What is Low Luck?

It isn´t really a variant of Axis&Allies Revised but rather another way of combat resolution: In every round you roll only one die for the attacker and one for the defender.
This way the luck by rolling the dice still exists, but is reduced. Generally, the way of playing the game will not change, the same strategies that work in normal AA also work in Low Luck A&A.

2. Why Low Luck?

Well, if you´ve played A&A many times you may have noticed, that often the combat results are strongly influenced by luck, e.g. Turn 1 Russia goes to Ukraine strongly, but fails terribly, and loses a fighter, or Turn 1, big parts of Germany´s Luftwaffe may get lost over the West Med shot down by only one English ship.
And with such results often the whole game is lost. Not only you are annoyed to lose a game this way, you also cannot enjoy a victory achieved only by wild dice.
To avoid such heavy luck/bad luck situations, and therefore ensure that a A&A game is decided by skill of both players the Low Luck Combat Resolution has been worked out.

3. How does Low Luck work?

The main ideas of Low Luck are:
1. Reduce but not eliminate the influence of the dice.
2. Don't change the game play, that means the average outcome of a specific battle should stay the same.

This is realized in a very simple way to determine the combat results of one round of combat: You add up the offense values or defense values respectively of the units, divide the result by 6, and this result determines the number of hits.
For the remainder of this division, you roll a dice, and if you throw this number or less, it is another hit.

Example, Russia 1 in Ukraine:
1. round of combat:
Attacker has 3inf 1rtl 3arm 2ftr vs Defenders 3inf 1rtl 1arm 1ftr The sum of the attack values is: 2x1 (inf) + 1x2 (inf) + 1x2 (rtl) + 3x3(arm) + 2x3(ftr) = 21
Attacker hits: 21 : 6 = 3 remainder 3, means 3 guaranteed hits; remainder of division is 3.
Now the Russian player attacker throw a dice, and if he throws 3 or less he´ll makes the 4th hit
If the attacker is lucky he scores 4 hits, if not then only 3. (It´s not possible that in this case he achieves 7 hits or none at all)
We suppose that the Russian player throws a 2, and so he hit one more German unit. Totally 4 units were destroyed.
Now it´s the defender´s turn: He has 3inf 1rtl 1arm 1ftr
Defense value: 4x 2 (inf + rtl) + 1x3 (arm) + 1x4 (ftr) = 15
Defense hits: 15: 6 = 2 sure hits; remainder is 3. Let's suppose he is lucky, too and rolls a 1, thus making the 3rd hit.

2. round of combat:
Russia (1 Rtl, 3 Arm, 1 ftr) vs. Germany (1 Arm, 1 Ftr)
Offense value: 1x2 + 3x3 + 2x3 = 17 = 2 hits remainder 5
It does not matter if the Russian player hits the 5, because there are only two German units left.
Defense value: 1x3 + 1x4 = 7 = 1 hit, remainder is 1.
Let's suppose that Germany does not roll a 1, thus making only 1 hit in this last round of combat.
Russia takes Ukr with 3 Armor and 2 Fighter. This is also about the average result for this combat you´ll get from a usual combat simulator.
One interesting thing to recognize:
The battle results in LowLuck are not totally predetermined, dice still play an important but an less decisive role: For every battle there are best and the worst results you can get. For the above example that are:
Best result for Russia: Win with 1rtl 3arm 2ftr
Worst result for Russia: Win with only 1arm 2ftr
This also means: If he attacks with only 2 instead of all 3 tanks he may well lose this battle in LowLuck.

4. How to Play?

It´s very easy:
You don´t have to add up and divide manually, because DAAK has a special LowLuck dice server for A&A Revised, which was developed to calculate the combat results for Low Luck A&A. It works like Dicey, just enter the number of units and click submit.

5. Special Rules

a) Submarines
There are two possibilities to attack with Submarines:
Submarines can use their 1st strike as usual, then their attack values will be handled separately. Or you decide to add the value of the subs (or a part of it) to the attack value of the rest of the attacking force, and forgo their 1st strike capability. (Please note that subs still cannot hit air. Ex.: If 2 subs 1ftr score 2 hits vs 1ac 2ftr only one air unit can be choosen as casuality)
If and only if the 1st strike can really have an effect the attacker have to ask the defender if he wants to use his 1st strike for his subs or if he wants to add their defense value to the total defense value. (Else he uses the default of adding it.)
Same is true for the attacker: If and only if the 1st strike can really have an effect the attacker may shoot with his subs seperately, else he has to add their attack value to the total attack value.
To fire seperatly only check the subs in the LL dice server and roll attacker only. Then roll for rest of attackers and defenders.
Example: Japan attacks with 4 Sub, 1 BB, 2 Ftr vs. 2 Trn, 1 AC, 1 Ftr
The value of the subs is 4x2 = 8. So, one sub-hit is guaranteed, and Japan has to throw a 2 or less to hit one more unit.
Then the rest attacks (10 : 6 = 1 rem 4), and hits one more unit, and if Japan throws a 4 or less, one more unit is hit. But Japan can also decide, that only 3 Subs do their first shot and the 4th Sub fights with the BB and the fighter.
Then it has 1 Sub hit (3x2 : 6 rem 0) and the rest have 2 hits, because the one sub increases the offense value to 12. (12 : 6 =2).
Please note that in this example the Subs' 1st shot really has an effect because the hit transporters or aircraftcarriers can not fire back.

b) Shore bombardment for Battleships
This is analogue to a). BBs may fire separately to make use of their 1st shot capability or fire together with all other attacking units. To fire seperatly only check the BBs in the LL dice server and roll attacker only. Then roll for the remaining units of the attacker and defender.

c) Antiaircraft shots
It´s analogue to "normal" LL fights:
If 4 airplanes attack, the defender has to roll one dice, and if he throws a 4 or less, one fighter is lost.
If 8 airplanes attack, 1 fighter is lost and if the defender throws a 2 or less, one more fighter is hit.

d) Strategic bombing raid (sbr)
1) No AA present:
Defender suffers an average damage with a variation of 1 IPC more or less depending on the IPC value of the country. (see table)
Attacker loses nothing.

2) IC is defended by AA:
Defender suffers an average damage with a variation of 1 IPC more or less depending on the IPC value of the country. This damage is less than in an undefended territory (see table).
Since the average damage that the attaking player takes when he conducts a SBR on an IC that is defended by an AA is 2,5 IPC (15 IPC/6), the attacker just loses 2 or 3 IPC INSTEAD of losing the bomber. That means, you DON'T lose a raiding bomber but you have to pay the average damage for EVERY sbr.
The attacker has to save a "SBR-fee" of 3 IPC per bomber before combat move (i.e. when purchasing). Consider this money as necessary to repair and fill up your bomber fleets after returning to your bases.
The overpaid money (if the damage is less for the attacker) will be added at the end of the turn.
3) Additional AAs wich are overflown by the bomber on its way to the target territory fire normally following the regular LL rules ( see 5 c)

SBR damage with Bombers

IPC- Value of the coutntryDamage without AADamage with AA

SBR dDamage with Heavy-Bombers

IPC- Value of the coutntryDamage without AADamage with AA

e) Rockets
Rockets will be handled as strategic bombing raids (SBR) without AA-gun.

6. Weapon development in AA-Revised LowLuck

A. Introduction
For LL Tech the same principles as for LL are applied, i.e. reduce the influence of the dices, but leave the original rules untouched whenever possible and don't change the gameplay. For this reason the original technologies as used in the standard game remained unchanged and you can freely choose wich of the six available technologies you want to go after. As in the standard game you may only delevope one technology at a time and once you have it, it will become effective at the mobilise phase of the actual turn.
Since also weapon development is quite luck dependent in the standard game, some changes had to be made for rolling tech in AAR-LL:

B. LowLuck Tech rules
In phase 1 (develope weapons) techrolls may be purchased. At the time of purchase you don't need to specify after which technology you are going after. You can roll them immediately or save them for later turns. The more dice you buy the more expensive each die gets. With other words: If you want a tech fast you have to spend more compared to developing it during several rounds.
If your attempt fails all money is lost. The minimum dice you may roll is three, but you can buy up to six before rolling, to increase your chance up to 100%.

This table shows all details:
Cost in IPC# of diceHave to rollChance

1. You buy one die in round 1 (cost 5 IPC) and 2 dice in round 2 (cost 11 IPC). If you decide to roll now you have a chance of 50% to succeed. If you fail you lose 16 IPC.
2. You buy 4 dice in round one for 18 IPC and decide to roll immediately. Your chances for success are 67%.
3. You buy two dice in round 1, two in round 2, and two in round 3. Your total cost is 33 IPC and you get the desired technology for sure. 4. You buy six dice in round 1. You get the technology in the same round, but it costs you 45 IPC.
Note: Round 1 means not necessarily the first round in the game, but the round when you start developing technologies.

If AAs are firing at bombers wich are accompanied by jets, the attacker still has the right to choose his losses, i.e. he can choose a jet as loss. Example: 3jets 2bmb fly over AA: The defender rolls for a 2. If he hits, the attacker may choose a bomber or a jet as loss.
Heavy Bombers:
They conduct SBR as usual but use the better SBR table (see 5.b) )
For usual combat the have the following combat values:
Attack: 6 (sure hit!) Defense: 2

7. Optional rules

Optional rules can be used if both players agree on it.

Alternative SBR rules

A. As LL standard rules, but the attacker has to pay bombing fee at the end of his turn after collecting income. Note: There is no need to save the money when purchasing your units, but it is wise to make sure you have that money to "repair" your bomber(s) at the end of your turn. In the (rare) case the attacker does not have enough money to pay that sbr fee he will lose one bomber for every lack of 15 IPC. (round to the disadvantage of the attacker, e.g. when you are lacking 16 IPC you will lose 2 Bombers)
This optional rule is an advantage for the attacker.

B. As regular SBR, AA shoots at each bomber, surviving bombers make 1-6 IPC of damage.

Have fun with A&A Revised Low Luck and the LL dice server!

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